Who are we?

Office Gypsy is a community network for people to monetize their unutilized space by renting it out to users on a short term basis. Based out of Bangalore, we’re a team of technology and management professionals aiming to revolutionize the way meetings happen.

In today’s dynamic business scenario – when ventures are to looking for a flexible work environment – the search for right spaces becomes all the more critical. This is where we come into play. As a better alternative to cafes and home-offices, we let you choose from a host of private office spaces to meet professionally and boost workplace productivity.

True to the spirit of ‘work anytime, anywhere’, our platform transforms the way meetings-on-the-go happen. Our technology-driven platform simplifies the discovery and booking of office spaces by making the process quick, secure, and transparent. Whether it’s a meeting with potential investors, recruitment interview, or just a get-together with hobby groups – Office Gypsy’s got the right fit.